Saturday, 1 August 2009


"It has allowed us to be one, working as a group we realised that we were all different but we were one" Rogers, focUS project

"Very useful for my work. I am looking at creative ways to promote cultural understanding across borders. You've created a truly inspiring piece of work." S.Henderson, British Council

"It was that your opinion was valid and that you should give it. There's nobody in the world that is just like you... that motivated me to present my views. I should just act myself because that is who I am." Sonia, focUS project

"The service you provide is really extraordinary and powerful – with potentially groundbreaking results in terms of shifting attitudes and fixed perceptions between people." Jo Hill, UnLtd

"It is a brilliant product and I’ve enjoyed using it." K. Kinger, Metropolitan Police Service, Fresh Start Project

"I’ve now had a chance to go through everything and watch the films and am really impressed by the quality of the girls work. The films provide a great insight into what matters to these young people in their community. The behind the scenes film also helps me to put some names to the faces and find out from the young people themselves why this project was so important to them. Excellent Stuff!" Rebecca Quansah, Media Box Funding

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