Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Transformation Project for Trafficked Women

We have recently been working on a project with women who have been trafficked into forced prostitution. The project had a transforming impact on the women involved:

"Usually I feel really low when I talk about these things, but today I feel good about having shared them. We're sharing things with people who understand us and it feels different".

"It has boosted my trust, I had problem trusting people, this has changed my perspective."

"I learned more love. Loving people and loving yourself. No matter what you do, you learn to love yourself."

The women produced a DVD guide for new women arriving at the POPPY Project (who provide key services for trafficked women). They also produced a training DVD for the Metropolitan Police Service.

We worked in partnership with the Metropolitan Police's Department of Human Trafficking to incorporate the training DVD into Police training at a national level. As a result of the women's suggestions in the DVD, the Met have revised their interview protocol for victims of trafficking.

The project was funded by Comic Relief and run in partnership with Anti-Slavery International and the POPPY Project.

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