Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Why Video?

Video is an amazing tool for active education.

We use video in our work because:

  • It helps focus individuals and brings them together as a working team.
  • It develops confidence and helps people develop their self-expression.
  • Clear and open communication is key in developing a shared vision of a film, and is vital in making that vision a reality.
  • Working with expensive equipment to a tight schedule, often in different locations throws up challenges that force the group to think on their feet and unites them as a group.
  • Video projects allow participants to perform as a team under pressure and produce real bonds of trust, support and friendship.
  • The videos produced are a valuable resource that promote discussion and generate change.
  • It is an exciting time to be involved in education that embraces technological changes as they evolve.

Video and the internet are useful tools that are vital to the work we do, but it is important to remember that ultimately these projects are about individuals coming together, learning together and learning to live together.

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