Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Next Steps 2011

The Next Steps project is now in it's second year. As I mentioned in the last Next Steps blog, we have created a social media network for all partners with the help of Nathalie from On Road Media. The purpose of the site is to exchange ideas, information and expertise about the Next Steps project and about the wider field of human trafficking prevention. The partners decided that the site needs to be closed and so it isn't accessible to the public. If you work in this field and feel the network may contribute to your work click here to apply.

Rose and Keren (one of our senior facilitators) have been carrying out workshops to produce footage for the DVD. These are Rose's thoughts on their progress so far:

"Knowing that our strength lies in drawing out personal experience, we were clear that we weren’t going to produce an informative DVD, explaining every step of the witness process – with all the variables witnesses face this would have ended up being a very complex DVD! Instead we honed in on two key themes that seemed to be relevant to any woman standing as a witness, whatever her previous and on-going experience – the first is managing expections and the second is looking after yourself.

We shot the footage with a group of project partners from UKBA, UKHTC/SOCA, SCD9, the Poppy Project and CPS. Our challenge was how to generate images to go with their excellent interviews. We had fun thinking of creative ways of doing this, and engaging the partners in unexpected activities – sometimes ending in total hilarity – not what we were expecting from such a professional group!

We also worked with a group of women from the Poppy Project, some of whom shared their stories, while others took part in video workshops to generate images to accompany the stories. And through Sue at Soca we were also able to interview a woman who had relevant experience."

Over the next 6 months we will be editing the footage and getting approval from partners on the content and design of the D VD.

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