Thursday, 8 March 2012

Body of Knowledge

Please come and join us at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.
Living Lens have been collaborating with others to produce ‘Body of Knowledge’ a groundbreaking evening of dance and video. Whatever you think you know about victims of sex trafficking, this performance will be something unexpected. Prepare to discover the extraordinary in the lives of survivors of sex trafficking. This will take place at 7.15 on Thursday 22 March and costs £5.
There will also be a day of talks, workshops and performance related to the project for anyone interested in using dance and the arts as a tool with groups. This will take place on Friday 23 March 10.30 - 5pm and costs £20.
To book tickets call Sadlers Wells on 0844 412 4600 or visit: If you want more info contact Rose: 07967 089805
Hope to see you there!
All the best
Rose & Amy

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